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Safari Wilds: Find treasure on the savannah. New slot games, try playing today.

Traveling through the African savannah requires more than just foot and plane. Experience the excitement and find the treasures of wild life in the new Safari Wilds slot game that prepares you to explore and enter a world with lively wildlife and bonuses that come with action and fun! Travel the savannah through your mobile screen. In Safari Wilds you will encounter vibrant wildlife that symbolizes the loss. There is also the chance to win big with bonus symbols that come with high value prizes! Launch the reels spinning in this game and make sure you can start your adventure in the African savannah today. Win huge prizes and experience something unique in Safari Wilds!

How to play Safari Wilds, play for profit, easy, fast, read and play right away.

As you get ready to explore the African savanna and find treasure in Safari Wilds, you'll need to start by understanding the rules of the game and how to play to make quick, easy profits. Here are the steps to do so: Help you get started

How to play: Spin the wheel to make a profit.

  1. Betting Settings: You can place bets at different levels. Between the lowest and the highest. as you want
  2. Spin the Wheel: After you've set your bets Start playing by clicking on the spin wheel button. The wheel will spin and then stop.
  3. Win Money: Win money as you spin the reels. and the symbol appeared as specified You will receive prizes according to the symbols of the game.
  4. Continue or Stop: You can continue playing to win or stop playing.

Scatter Symbol

SafariWild Safari slot has a special Scatter symbol that has a chance to appear on every reel. Landing just 4 Scatter symbols wins 12 Free Spins. Each additional Scatter symbol triggers 2 additional Free Spins during the Free Spins feature. The multipliers below the reels increase to x2, x4, x6 and x10 respectively. Free spins can be reactivated.

Wild Symbol

Safari Wild, a new gamepg, has a special Wild symbol that can substitute for all other symbols (except Scattter symbols and other special symbols), which is an important symbol that can help win even bigger prizes.

symbol lion

PG Slots Zoo Slots has the lion symbol as the symbol that will give Compensation money Number one in the game The prize money is as high as 20 - 50 times the stake.

symbol elephant

Safari Wild PG slot has the Elephant symbol as the winning symbol. Compensation money Second highest in the game. The prize money is as high as 10 - 30 times the stake.

Try playing Safari Wilds

Come have fun, try playing Safari Wilds, it's very easy to win the jackpot with a new game, you have to try it.

Expect a unique experience when you try out Safari Wilds, with fiery Africa and vibrant wildlife and jackpot opportunities that can be yours! Open the reels and dive into a world where excitement and prizes are waiting for you to discover. No matter if you are a first time gambler or how much experience you have. This game will blow your mind! Try Safari Wilds and be hooked on the intuitive gameplay experience. and requires only the ability to press a button. But don't forget that luck also plays a role in winning, as there's always a chance to hit the jackpot every time you spin the reels! Take the risk and try Safari Wilds today for an exciting chance to win a high-value jackpot. You could be the next lucky person to get rich quick!

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Safari Wilds is a slot game that encourages you to explore the African savannah. and see the world of lively wildlife up close With fast spinning reels and different symbols. You will have the opportunity to increase your profits quickly. Bonus prizes waiting for you to discover can give you a chance to win big. With all the fun and thrills of Safari Wilds, you'll find unique gameplay opportunities on the African savannah.

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