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Celebrate more than a hundred thousand members nationwide at Ibiza888, an online gambling website that brings together casino games from all providers in one place. Featuring Sexy Gaming, PG Slot, SA Gaming, Pok Deng, card games, football, lottery, arcade, and much more. Our dedicated staff is ready to serve you with heart 24 hours a day

Special only for VIP customers. Welcome the month of happiness with a 0.3% commission return. Only for VIP customers.

Daily win/loss summary (can be received every day)

condition :
1. Have a minimum deposit of 10,000 baht/month.
2. In the case that the customer has a "positive" playing result for all bet turnovers. That day got a bonus = 0.1%
3. In the case that the customer has a "negative" playing result, all bets are turned over. That day got a bonus = 0.3 %
4. Notify admin "Request VIP commission" at LINE OA.
5.Withdraw immediately No need to make a turnover!!

1. You can claim it every day.
2. Deposits do not receive promotions. Can play only "Casino and Sports" only.
3. Cannot request a retrospective request.

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